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Bring on the cherry picking


Bring on the cherry picking


Ashley and Arnold battle it out head to head. Whos gonna win?

Thursday 9/12/13

2 rounds:
5 Snatch pull to knee (Knees back)
5 Muscle snatch from knees (watch now, dont rebend your freakin knees!)
5 Overhead squat
5 Snatch balance
5 High hang snatch (no bar movement down leg)
Every min on the min for 15 min:
1 Power snatch+ 1 hang snatch+1 Overhead squat
Every 90 seconds for 15 min:
Sprint 200m
*Slowest sprint time is your score

Ask coach: I know running sucks but we gotta work on it by itself sometimes. Really push each sprint as fast as possible

FYI. Sarahs paleo pantry will be catering our 1 year anniversary party. We need a rough headcount as to who will be going. We have created a facebook invite that some of you have already RSVPd to, if you haven’t please do. If you haven’t recieved the invitation or you’re not on the Facebook please let me know. Also there will be a raffle with some sweet prizes to be won! If you would like to donate anything to the raffle it would be greatly appreciated. Please let us know, thank you!

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