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Power means…….


Power means…….


I think everyone in attendance knows how the real star of the weekend was. Good job Pops

Wednesday 9/11/13

Preworkout mobility to be done before class: Wrist flexibility 

Every min on the min for 5 min w/light to moderate weight
Power clean
Hang clean
2 jerks
Every 2 min until you reach a max perform:
1 Power clean and jerk
5 rounds for time:
10 Power cleans (135/95)
12 Burpees over the bar

FYI. Joe is headed to Hawaii today for the week. Classes will run as usual, Arnold and myself will be taking over the all of Joes classes. Please be nice to us!

1 in 10 kids have a liver like an alcoholics 

How high can you step?

If you clean like this tomorrow you will be a super bad ass.

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