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Are you brave enough to take on your coaches???


Are you brave enough to take on your coaches???


Britt can do the 800m unbroken. Can you?!?!?!?

Friday 9/19/14
3 rounds:
10 Band aparts w/ pause
10 Seated wall slides
10 Bend over Y’s
5 Parallette shoot through
800m farmers carry (53/35)
*every time you put KBs down you must do 10 Goblet squats (53/35)
In teams of 2:
For time:
20 Muscle ups
Run 400m
30 Burpee box jump over (30/24)
Run 400m
40 DB ground to overhead (50/30)(each hand)
Run 400m
60 Handstand pushups
Run 400m
80 Wallballs
*20 min limit
Runs must be done together. Everything else can be split up

Embrace them thighs 

This guys is REALLY into cheat days. How to rock a cheat day(without feeling bad or getting fat)

We have 11 people signed up to do the anniversary WOD. We need at least 5 more if you want to have 2 teams of 8. It would nice to have a couple back ups because Im sure a couple will not be able to do it. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP AND RSVP. Also we need a head count of whos coming so he can buy enough food, soooooo PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SING UP AND RSVP. If you would like to donate anything to the raffle, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP AND RSVP.

FYI Sarah will be making the food

WOD #1 for the anniversary party will be…..
for time:
100 Ground to overhead (165/110)
*10 min time cap. @10 min WOD #2 will begin 3 points for first place, 2 points for second and 1 for 3rd. If your team does not complete the WOD within the time cap you will receive 0 points for that wod…..

The rest of the WODs will be announced through this week and next

Check out the win for the undefeated SF Fire. Playoffs start next week in North Carolina! 

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