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The Iron triathalon…


The Iron triathalon…


Happy birthday Julie! I made the WOD up so you done have to yell at her. It was all Alfreds idea

Thursday 9/18/14
Every min on the min for 7 min:
7 Handstand pushups or 4 strict handstand pushups
*If this is very easy for you add a deficit
**Instead of using a box do seated DB presses
Front squat
Establish a 5RM w/a 3 sec pause
AMRAP 20 min:
9 Squat cleans (115/75)
18 Alternating jumping lunges
29 KB swings (53/35)
*Workout starts with a 1 mile run.

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Well this looks absolutely miserable, so naturally Im totally gonna do it. Who wants to do it? Joe and Arnold already verbally committed, I totally heard it. The’re lying if they say no

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