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Scale it


Scale it

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You can scale anything if you just use your imagination!
Saturday 9/20/14
5 rounds for time:
Run 800m
5 rope climbs
50 Pushups
*45 min time limit

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Why you should warm up less

FYI. We will be changing gymnastics class from Saturdays at 11am to Monday nights at 6:30pm. This will start next week. 11am as usual for tomorrow

WOD #2 for anniversary WOD

For time:
200 Pullups
150 Pistols
100 Handstand pushups
75 Toes to bar
30 muscle ups
15 Rope climbs

RSVP to the anniversary party if you havent already. Work on the street is that there will be a bouncy house again so bring the kids!

You can scale anything!

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