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Zoom password: 277276


Zoom password: 277276

Sunday 4/4/20

For 20 min:
16 Death march deadlifts (8 each leg)
8 Manstring slides
Rest 1 min
*See instagram and video at bottom for movement demo
*use whatever you can as weight for death march deadlifts. These are very effective no matter the weight.
*Towels work well on hardwood for hamstring slides. Furniture movers work very well on turf or carper.
*If you cannot find a good surface to do the slide then do 25 light weight or banded good mornings
15 min max reps
Hang clean and jerk (135/95)
*Every min on the min including 0:00 perform 4 burpees over bar
Barbell = as written
2 DBs= Double DB hang clean and jerk/burpees over DB
1 DB=Hang clean and jerk/ Burpee over DB
KB= KB swing/ Burpee over DB
Sandbag= sandbag clean/ burpee over sandbag
Medball=wallball sots/burpee over wallball
NO EQUIPMENT= Alternating jumping lunges/burpee over object

Zoom changed its policies and is requiring all meetings to have a password now. People were stealing info and crashing random meetings and being inappropriate….. the meeting ID for class is still 684-431-2223. The password to enter the meeting is 277276

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