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Saturday 4/4/20

“Support your local box WOD 1”
AMRAP 10 min:
10 Air squats
9 DB snatch Right arm (50/35)
10 Pushups
9 DB snatch Left arm (50/35)
EMOM 20 min:
1 min: 5 Heavy front or back squats
1 min: Cardio of choice -200m run/50 double unders/15 burpees/ 15/10 Calories
*If you have weight then I want these to be a heavy weight. If you don’t have a lot then do 10 squats instead of 5

Support your local box fundraiser

Rogue to match $100,000 in affiliate fundraiser. If you use the hashtag #ryourogue once you have registered, the affiliate you select will receive double the amount you gave. Rogue’s contributions will occur on a first-come, first-served basis until $100,000 has been distributed. There are no other requirements.

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