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Who would you add to the list?


Who would you add to the list?


Monday 8/12/13
Pre workout mobility to be done before class: Improving the back rack
Back squat
3@75 3@80 3@80 3@85 take as many attempts needed to find a 3rep max
Spend 10 min working on kipping
3 rounds for total reps:
1 min max reps pullups
1 min max reps KB swings (53/35)
1 min max reps lateral burpee over parallette
Rest 1 min

Ask coach: For the back squats hit all of your percentages and then go for the 3RM. If that means more than one set thats fine, push yourself. For the conditioning work in teams of 3 to save on space, push it as hard as you can on all3 exercises not just the one your good at

Let the games begin

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