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He used to suck at rope climbs, guess how he got really good

Monday 1/4/16

I panned on writing a long post to motivate everyone for the new cycle/year but who wants to read that much. Were starting a new cycle and the open STARTS NEXT MONTH, better start practicing…..everything. I know not everyone wants to go to the CrossFit games and just want to get your sweat on, but please try to remember the goal of CrossFit as a fitness program. We are trying to make you guys into the most well rounded fitness machines possible. In order to do that you need to do all the fitnesses, not just the fun/sexy stuff you like. Suck at snatching? How much do you actually practice? Don’t have great overhead mobility? How much do you actually work on it or spend time in those positions that plague you? Can’t do double unders? How many times do you pick up a jump rope other that to do singles for the metcon? Get to the gym 10 minutes early, stay 10 minutes after. Practice, X Y or Z, work on your weaknesses and become a better fitnesser.

Rope climb practice
*especially on how to come down with minimal effort
10 rope climbs in as few pulls as possible
rest as needed between climbs
EMOM 20 min:
1 min: 30 seconds max reps thrusters (75/55)
1 min: 30 seconds max reps burpees
Yes this is 30 seconds on 30 seconds off for 20 min. How hard can you push yourself? Can you do 15+ each min?

I feel this probably hits home for some people 

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