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Thanks everybody!


Thanks everybody!


Today's athletes and judges!

Sunday 10/2/16
3x w/ bar
5 muscle snatch
5 overhead squat
5 duck walks forward
5 duck walks back
20 seconds in overhead squat
Snatch balance
10×1 Snatch balance
*Try to increase load each set but technique and speed under the bar is what I am looking for
AMRAP 15 min:
40 Double unders
20 Pistols

Thank you to everyone who competed/judges/partied today for our anniversary. We are very lucky to have every member of the CFD community. I say this all the time but we do have the best community around! Its hard to find another gym with relationships as close as ours. Thank you to everyone for coming in everyday and letting us torture and turn you into fitness animals. More importantly thank you for giving us the opportunity to be in business and do what we love everyday all day! xoxo

Team USA announced for the CrossFit Invitational 

Its a slow video day….sooo here is the best video you will see today! Prepare to sing this over and over again

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