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Talk about getting pumped to squat


Talk about getting pumped to squat

Liz kicked some ass this weekend in her first every CF competition! Plus she didnt even know she was doing it until a day before!

Wednesday 12/19/12

MOvement prep: Clean and jerk lower body prep

5 rounds:
3 high hang clean+ 1 push jerk
for time:
5 rounds of:
5 Hang power cleans (185/115)
10 Burpees
rest 2 min
3 min amrap:
30 burpee bar hops
max deadlifts (185/115)

Ask coach: for part 2 the goal is to do the 5 rounds under 5 min and to get to the deadlifts in the 3 min. The whole workout has 2 scores, your time for the 5 rounds and the number of deadlifts you complete. How hard can you push yourself on the burpees????

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