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Platitudes is a big word


Platitudes is a big word

This also kind of makes you a CrossFit a hole...

This also kind of makes you a CrossFit a hole…

Thursday 7/11/13
5×3 High hang snatch
4 rounds for total reps:
1 min max reps  rope climbs
1 min max reps  hand release pushups or handstand pushups (4″/2″ defecit)
1 min max reps  goblet squat (53/35)or weighted pistols (40/20)
immedietly after
For time:
Run 800m

Ask coach: For the snatches the goal is to work on pulling yourself under the bar fast. Like the cleans today the bar should not run down your leg, it should stay in the hip pocket and your torso should stay as vertical as possible. For part 2 if you can do pistols or handstand pushups choose that option. If hspus and pistols elude you than choose the pushups or goblet squats

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The dirty little secret of the female athlete: cellulite 

Might have posted this before but oh well. Dont be a CrossFit A@#hole

 First CrossFit workout, mine was filthy 50, took 30 something minutes in a basketball court. 10# ball, box jumps on a aerobics step a foot or so high, no idea how to do knees to elbows or jumping pullups, Mario push press’ all over the place and my first exposure to burpees…….hooked from day1! Whats your first workout story? If you get a chance ask Tom how he liked his first workout….

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