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Photo shoot tomorrow


Photo shoot tomorrow

Dont do it!!!

Monday 1/14/13

Movement prep: Tight ankles= bad squatting 
Back squat
8@65 8@70 6@75 6@80%
8 rounds for total reps:
20 seconds max reps later hurdle jumps (20″)
rest 10 seconds
20 seconds max reps plyo pushups (hands on 45s)
rest 10 seconds
rest 1 min
3 min max burpee bar touch

Ask coach: For part 2 alternate between lateral jumps and plyo pushups for 8 rounds of each. After 8 is completed rest 1 min and do the burpees. Goal is 50+ burpees

Remember, Tabata times is coming tomorrow(Tuesday) at noon for a photo shoot of a class. We will be running a class at 12 so if you are interested in getting your picture taken then please come in. The workout will be the same as all the other classes of the day

Going to the gym today? Thank this 19th century orthopedist 

Got milk? get lost

This is great!

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