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Like a shake weight on steroids


Like a shake weight on steroids

Bonus points to anybody that wears their singlet to class tomorrow

Friday 1/11/13
Hang snatch (from the knees)
In teams of 2:
10 Rope climbs
25 Power cleans (185/115)
50 Shoulder to overhead (155/105)
25 Power cleans (185/115)
10 Man makers (60/40)
*20 min time limit

FYI. Next tuesday at 12 noon Tabata Times will be coming by to do a photo shoot of CFD. We are going to run a special class that day at 12 so if you can make it and want to get your picture taken for the crossfit world to see please let us know

Diet soda linked to increased risk of depression

Stomach pumping machine makes calories disappear 


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