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Great day!


Great day!


Congrats to the winners!

Sunday 7/17/16

AMRAP 5 min:
5 Toes to bar (alternating sets)
Amrap 5 MIN:
5 Strict pullups (alternating sets)

In teams of 2:
100 Handstand pushups (while partner holds (70/53) like a baby
150 Wallballs
100 Pushups (while partner holds (70/53) like a baby

Thank you to everyone who participated/judged/cheered today at Dog days of summer. We PRd this year and were only 1 min behind schedule as opposed to last years 3 min! Its was a great day and as usual CFD has the best community around. Couple cool take aways from today, CFD athletes looked smooth on their KB work. Most everyone else DID NOT! Also I overheard a lady saying that this was an advanced scaled competition compared to others. Thats right, none of this go easy on them because its scaled business!!

Games events have slots for events on Tues,Wed,Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sunday! Its going to be an awesome blood bath!!!

Why are toes to bar so difficult? 

Will they finish 1,2,and 3? 

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