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October 25th

Thursday 10/15/15

20 banded good mornings
20 goblet squats
Work up to a max for the following complex
Power clean
Full Clean
Front squat
Push press
Push jerk
Split jerk
5 rounds:
AMRAP 3 min:
1 Muscle up
3 Ground to overhead (95/65)
9 KB swings (53/35)
Rest 1 min

Second part of this weekends workout
Run 800m (together w/ rope)
50 shnchronized burpees (MUST JUMP AT END OF REP)
Run 800m (together w/ rope)
50 synchronized hand release perfect pushups
*im trusting everyone to do good legit pushups. Dont let me down

Barbells for boobs coming up on the 25th. Only 9 people signed up so far. Get on it 

I think I wanna start goatfit

Other that because its torture. Why you should not take an ice bath after exercising

How many of the 10 general skills do you see here? 

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