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Deck of cards


Deck of cards

Luck of the draw

Friday 11/17/17
In teams of 4:
For time complete the deck of cards
Station 1=Wallballs (30/20)
Station 2=DB power cleans (50/35)
Station 3=Calories assualt bike or ski erg
Station 4= Rest
*1 team member at each station. Pull a card and everyone at their station performs the set # of reps. Once all have finished then everyone switches to next station and pull the next card. Complete that sequence for all 52 cards. 1-10=1-10, face cards and Ace= 15 reps. Calorie face cards guys 15/ ladies 10. Jokers are nothing

General fitness

Get as far as possible in 30 min
Station 1= Wallballs
station 2= db power cleans
station 3= burpees
station 4= rest
*Same as above

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Don’t ghost ride the bike

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