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Youtube star


Youtube star

1378586_754948004516060_1342055595_nLiz really enjoys overhead squats 

Wednesday 3/12/14
Every 6 min for 18 min:
Run 800m
For time:
30 Handstand pushups
15 Burpee bar hops
5 Squat clean and jerk (205/125)
20 Handstand pushups
10 Burpee bar hops
5 Squat clean and jerk (185/115)
10 Handstand pushups
5 Burpee bar shops
5 Squat clean and jerk (165/110)

*20 min time limit

We are shooting a promo video and we need a bunch of volunteers for it. If you are willing to be inthe video we will need you next Thursday from 4-5. We would like to get 15-20 people so please let us know asap! The more the merrier. We are also looking for 1 individual to “star” in the in the video. Please contact us ASAP if you are interested in being youtube famous.  

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This is great. Glad hes on the road to recovery


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