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Yeah but…


Yeah but…


If you have the chance to go to one of these exhibits, go its really cool!

Tuesday 8/27/13

Pre workout mobility to be done before class: Ring dip prep
4 rounds for quality:
Max strict ring dips (rings to armpits/turnout at top)
Max L-sit
Push jerk (% based off of split jerk)
3@60 3@65 2×3@70 2×3@75%
AMRAP 15 min:
8 Chest to bar pullups
12 Perfect puhsups
18 KB snatch to lunge (10L/10R) (53/35)
*If you finish 5 rounds before 15 min for the rest of the clock perform max reps 50ft. shuttle runs

Oldest person ever documented at age 123

Yeah but….

Those are some real fit hamsters

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