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Work it out….


Work it out….


Danielle won for most stylish shorts! Also was runner up for most rock tape and best tan lines

Tuesday 8/20/13
Pre workout mobility to be dont before class: Psoas smash
3 rounds for QUALITY:
5-10 Strict ring dips (rings to armpits/turnout at top)
20 V-ups
Max shoulder touches in 1 min
Push jerk
2@60 2@65 3X1@70% (% based off max SPLIT JERK)
5 rounds for total reps:
30 seconds max reps lateral hurdle jump (24/20)
Rest 30 seconds
30 seconds max reps rope climb
Rest 30 seconds
30 seconds max calorie row
Rest 30 seconds

Ask coach: Goal for the push jerks is to catch each one perfectly locked out

The 1,000 rep problem

Good news for many of you. Chipotle is keeping its meat antibiotic free afterall

 Anyone that watched the games on ESPN3 should remember this “awesome” video….very catchy tune

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