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WOD #1 is……


WOD #1 is……


Sunday 1/4/15

Spend 15 min practicing a gymnastics skill you need to work on
EMOM 12 min:
1 min: 6 Front rack lunges (try to add weight each round)
1 min: 10 Box jumps (30/24)
2 rounds for time:
10 Front squats (205/135)
10 Burpee muscle ups
*Bar cleaned from the ground

Ok here it is. WOD #1 of Battle for Bragging Rights part deux. “Double unders and split jerks”
AMRAP 12 min:
20 Double unders each 10 hurdle jumps scaled
20 Split jerks (135/95)RX (95/65) scaled
30 Double unders each 15 hurdle jumps scaled
20 Split jerks (155/105)RX (115/75)scaled
40 Double unders each 20 hurdle jumps scaled
20 Split jerks (185/125)RX (135/95)scaled
50 Double unders each 25 hurdle jumps scaled
20 Split jerks (205/135)RX (155/105)scaled
60 Double unders each 30 hurdle jumps scaled
Max reps Split jerks (225/145)RX (165/115)scaled

Collect as many reps possible in 12 min. Each athlete must complete the set number of double unders or hurdle jumps before going on to the next weight  of split jerks. You and your partner may split up the jerks in any way you wish. Bars will be cleaned from the ground and its the athletes responsibility to change weights, you may change weights while partner is doing double unders. The jerks MUST be a split. Push jerks, push presses, and shoulder presses will not be allowed. Feet must come together with bar still overhead for rep to count. Bringing bar down while still in split or while feet are moving back together will be a no rep.

Breaking down fitness fads of 2014

No rep? No way! Good read, but if you no rep me while wearing toe shoes and rocktape on your calf I will punch you!

The greatest indicator of strength there is!

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