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Whos gonna PR on muscle ups?


Whos gonna PR on muscle ups?


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Saturday 3/14/15
AMRAP 20 min:
7 Chest to bar pullups
77 Double unders
2 Squat clean thruster (170/120)
28 Situps

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR YOUR HEAT FOR 15.3. REMINDER we are starting heats at 10am this Saturday, back to 11 for next week. Also a reminder that Sarahs paleo pantry will not be here this week but is returning next week. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DO NOT HAVE A MUSCLE UP PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING SENTENCE. If you 100% know that you will not get a muscle up you have to do the scaled version, you cannot enter a score of 0. If you want to try and get a muscle up for 14 min that is fine but if you want to stay in the competition you must do the scaled version at some point.

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How many people are gonna get their first muscle up this weekend??

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