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Wheres the beef?


Wheres the beef?

First yoga class went great! Try it Friday if you can!

Thursday 10/4/12
Shoulder press
5@82.5 5@87.5 5@92.5%
Every min on the min for 10 min perform
15 Jumping back squats (45/33)
Max reps double unders
+(immediately after)
Max effort 800m run

Sarah has hooked up with the local grass feed beef ranch and organized a buying club for us. Its called Weidemann ranch, you can check out their website here. There are 3 different options you can choose from. 1st is a 10# box of ground beef for 53.99, 2nd is a 10# box of 1/4 lb ground beef pattys for 62.99, and the thrid is a 25# box of a variety of cuts. This includes ground beef, patties, carne asada, stew meat, roast, short ribs, sirloin/hanger steak and t-bone/filet mignon/new york steaks. The cost of this is 200.00 a box.  Please sign up for a box and give the money to me ASAP because there is a limited number of boxes for each option. You can pick up the beef on Oct. 19th between 3-6pm. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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