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Where’s the beef?!


Where’s the beef?!


Dont skimp on your squats, getting in a FULL squat will help carry over to everything we do

Thursday 11/14/13
Snatch warmup
Find a max for:
3 High hang snatch w/no forward torso movement or bar movement down the leg
10 rounds for time:
1 Power or full clean (225/145)
7 Wallballs (20/14)
5 Toes to bar
*20 min time limit

Ask coach: Feel free to scale this weight up if 225/145 will not be a challenge. If 225/145 is well over your 1RM then think 85ish% of your 1rm. It should be a struggle

Shirt/Hoodie deadline is friday. CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR STUFF. Dont be that guy that asks Monday if its too late to sign up. 

8 points to consider when fixing your snatch. #9 actually work on it, dont use it as a warm up for the metcon….

My bad for posting this late. Sarah is hooking it up with the Weidemann beef company again. CLICK ON THIS GOOGLE DOC if you want to order some yummy beef. You can get a 25# variety body or your choice of a ton of different cuts. Deadline is Friday and they will be delivering it to the gym on Monday evening. Also, dont be that guy that asks Monday if its too late to sign up.

Perfect example of what I want for tomorrow.

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