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Whats is gonna be???


Whats is gonna be???


CFD has the coolest mascots around!

Thursday 3/27/14
Jog 1 mile
Every min on the min for 20 min
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Air squats
*The goal is to say on pace for all 20 rounds. If you fall off pace then turn it into a 20 min AMRAP. If you cave a Cindy score of 20+ try adding weight or doing chest to bar or hand release…
AMRAP 7 min:
3 KB snatch (53/35)
3 Shoulder 2 overhead (115/75)
6 KB snatch
6 Shoulder 2 overhead
9 KB snatch
9 Shoulder 2 overhead
12 KB snatch
12 Shoulder 2 overhead
*continue that pattern as high as possible in 7 min

End of open party this Sunday after we finish up the heats. Food truck and beer! Check it out 

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