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Whats a 2 fer 1?????


Whats a 2 fer 1?????

MjAxMy1iYWU1ODgyN2U5ZmY1MzZm_51381bb11a1472 fer 1s are guaranteed punch in the face 

Monday 6/9/14
Alternating tabata:
Goblet squat
KB sumo highpull
Front squat/Back squat
3x 7/13@65% of max Front squat
*This is performed by doing 7 front squats, re racking the bar then go immediately into 13 back squats with the same weight
For time:
Wallball 2 fer 1s (20/14)
Burpee box jump (24/20)

This is kida sad for being a funny website. The little prince goes to the gym 

What happens when you boil Coke 

Something tells me this gym takes themselves very seriously. Bonus points if you can find the video they are making fun of

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