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What Is Your Goal

Weight Loss & Toning

The combination of body weight exercise, weightlifting, and high intensity cardiovascular training really kick starts the metabolism and helps shed the pounds. Whether you’re looking to lose a couple or a lot of pounds we can get it off in no time!

Strength & Muscle Gain

Strength training is a large part of the CrossFit training methodology. Our daily strength work in class will increase your overall strength and turn fat into muscle mass.

Athletic Performance

CrossFit will help you become a well rounded athlete. The daily WODs are designed not only to increase your strength and endurance, but also to help improve your flexibility, coordination, and agility. CrossFit is a great addition to your workout routine and will increase your performance regardless of the sport you play. Whether you run track, swim, or play football Crossfit Danville is here to help you exceed in your sport.

Improve Lifestyle

The majority of people’s days are spent sitting, leading to tight backs, shoulders, and hips. By taking your body through a full range of motion and moving like it’s supposed to, will get in better shape and improve the overall quality of your life. Simple tasks like taking out the garbage or getting out of a chair won’t feel like a chore anymore.

I’m Not Sure

The community at CrossFit Danville is second to none! You’re not only getting a great workout but also making life long friends. The group atmosphere helps push people to work out hard and achieve goals they never thought they could. Try a class and you will see!

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    Fill out the form to try us for free!