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What did you do before you worked out today???


What did you do before you worked out today???


Hard monday workout or post Thanksgiving food hangover????

Tuesday 12/3/13
2 rounds:
1 min to run 100
2 min to run 200
4 min to run 400
8 min to run 800
AMARP 16 min:
1 rope climb
5 burpee box jumps (24/20)
10 Toes to bar

I love Ripp and his awesome speeches but I dissagree with some of his words here. I do however agree with the mainsite programming and the certification machine that produces instant “coaches”. Good read none the less. PS the yellow black contrast may make you want to throw up a bit. CrossFit: the good the bad the ugly

 This is a very interesting preworkout strategy that could boost your lifts. Let me know if you try it tomorrow…

 This is the best Mark Rippetoe video of all time. This is the guy that wrote the article above. I think this video is tied for the lead for most times posted on the WOD blog

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