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We’re all like snow flakes


We’re all like snow flakes

The newbies get their KB swing on!

Wednesday 1/16/13
5 rounds:
2 Cleans w/ pause at the knee + 1 Jerk
AMRAP 12 min:
100 Double unders
Run 400
75 Double unders
Run 400
50 Double unders
Run 400

Ask coach: For the pause on the clean it will be at least a 2 Mississippi pause, full squat clean each time. For part 2 the goal is to get into the 75 Double unders on the second round. PS sorry to make you run in the FREEZING but it has to be done


Do you miss forging elite sarcasm or beast modal domains??? THE’RE BACK!!!!

Squats: Toes forward or toes out?

Ha, you guys must have already seen the part about the music.  If you recognize this gym please tell me and WHY you recognize it…..

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