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Watch it again


Watch it again

Saturday 5/16/20
Fun stuff
In teams of 2:
AMRAP 32 min
42 Alt arm snatches (50/35)
42 Burpees
42 Front rack lunges (50/35)
42 Thrusters (50/35)
42 Situps
42 Power cleans (50/35)
42 DB pushups
Run 400m together w/DB
*Split up reps however you wish. If doing it solo cut reps in half
barbell only=same but with 95/65
DB=as written
KB=same but single arm for each movement
NO EQUIPMENT= 100 reps each of the following. Burpees.Alt jumping lunges, jumping air squat, situps, pushups, 400m run stays the same

saddle 2 min
air plane crash 1 min per side
pancake 2 min

If you would like a different workout or one special for the equipment you have please do not hesitate to text me. Ive been getting a lot so its no problem. My number is 925-785-2758. Keep doing your home wods and posting them on the social medias. Everyone loves seeing their gym friends even if its just a clip on insta! Stay active stay sane! 

We will be doing a park WOD again tomorrow, bring your DBs and a mat again. I will also test run doing the zoom class at the same time. If it works out then we can keep it going, if not then we will have zoom only on Monday/wed/fri and park only on tues/thursday for the. 10am time slot. Just trying to make ALL the fitness happen for everyone!

Meeting code is 
684-431-2223. Password is 277276

In case you missed this the other day. Watch this and send it to you friends parents and grandparents. Please and thank you

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