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Wade lee joints


Wade lee joints


Team CFD rolling deep as usual

Monday 6/30/14
3 rounds:
10 Front squat
10 Back squat
10 Good morning
*performed with an empty barbell, all 3 in a row
Front squat/Back squat
4×4/8 @80% of max front squat
3 rounds for reps:
1 min: Alt arm DB snatch
1 min: Burpee box jump over (24/20)
1 min: Chest to bar pullup
1 min: Rest

4 drills that will improve your squat

THe CrossFit couple: Good mojo or bad juju?

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CHeck out the new Wade Lee joints from this weekend. So many of you competed that he needed to make to videos! PS if you have some extra time check out his youtube channel and check out some of the old videos, its crazy how much everyone has improved! 

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