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Wade Lee joint


Wade Lee joint


Adam rocks his free schwag after a strong 3rd place finish. Good job buddy! 

Monday 8/19/13
Pre workout mobility to be done before class:  These are fun
Spend 10 min working on kipping/butterfly/toes to bar
Back squat
3@70 3@75 2×3@80%
For total reps:
2 min max reps thrusters (95/65)
2 min max reps pullups
1 min max reps thrustes
1 min max reps pullups
rest 1 min
For time:
Run 800m

Ask coach: For the conditioning today you may sub out muscle ups if you so choose.

‘Sleep texting’ syndrome

Laser death test can tell you when your are going to die. I think ill pass…..

Check out the new Wade Lee joint for the LaLanne comp yesterday. Looks like he discovered dubstep

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