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Virtual partner Friday


Virtual partner Friday

Friday 3/27/20

For quality move through each exercise for 10 minutes
4 Turkish get ups (2L/2R)
8 Windmills (4L/4R)
12 Cossack squats (6L/6R)
*If you have a DB or KB try to use that. Otherwise get creative with something you can move efficiently. Might be a good time to bust out the water jugs
In teams of 2 or solo
AMRAP 30 min:
20 Alternating rounds (10 each)
10 Step overs (50/35) (24/20)
5 Devils press (50/35)
In the remainder of 30 min complete max rounds of
10 Synchro Alt arm DB snatch (5 broad jumps if no equipment)
10 Synchro Goblet squats (20 air squats if no equipment)
*If you have someone to do with with at home, then do it with them. If not rest the amount of time it takes you to complete 1 round. You can join the zoom class and have a virtual parnter. Orrrr you can try to do 20 rounds by yourself
**If you don’t have a box then use the bench we have been using the past 2 days for step ups
Here are your options for the workout
Barbell only = front rack step ups and bupee+ground to overhead for devils press
2 DBs=do it as written
1 DB= 12 step overs and 6 single arm devils press
1 KB = 12 step overs and 6 single arm devils press
Wallball=15 step ups and 5 burpee box jumps
Sandbag = 8 Sandbag lunges and 4 burpee + sandbag clean
0 equipment = 20 reverse lunges and 7 burpee stick jumps

If you would like a different workout or one special for the equipment you have please do not hesitate to text me. Ive been getting a lot so its no problem. My number is 924-785-2578. Keep doing your home wods and posting them on the social medias. Everyone loves seeing their gym friends even if its just a clip on insta! Stay active stay sane! 

Zoom classes at 10am and 4:30pm everyday for the duration of this shelter at home period. Download the app and join the fun. Even if you want to just watch and chat with friends for a couple minutes! 
Meeting code is 

Even being in a quarantine can’t keep a shirt on this guy

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