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Use the force Kimi


Use the force Kimi

Not many people know this but Kimi is acutally a trained Jedi!

Not many people know this but Kimi is actually a trained Jedi and uses the force to help her get through workouts

Thursday 1/24/13

Movement prep: Thought for the front rack 

Front squat
5@70 5@75 5@80 5@85%
5 rounds for time and # of burpees
Run 400m
1 min max burpees
Rest 1 min

Ask coach: Goal is to run each 400 under 1:30-1:50 depending on your running speed and 20+ burpees each min

Joe and I are SUPER pumped that class sizes are filling up. Its really exciting to watch a full class get after it. That being said there are A LOT of people in the gym, especially at night. We need to maximize floor space as much as we can during those 15+ people classes. So if your doing open gym and you know you have a lot of stuff to do please try to work efficiently and hammer it out before class or wait until the class dies down. The last thing we want is for the open gymers or people in the class to get hurt.

The now of crossfit

Strength is the new fitness trend for women

When pills fail, ths, er, option provides a cure

This is great!

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