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try, try, try again


try, try, try again

Saturday 6/3/17

6 rounds for time:
25 Pullups
50ft’ Front rack lunges (75/55)
25 Pushups
50ft’ Frontrack lunges (75/55)
*Prescribed is in a 20/14# vest
**Since 50ft is not doable in a class setting, count how many lunges it takes to complete 50ft and do that # stationary. So if it takes 15 lunges to get across the gym do 15 lunges each time instead of 50ft

General fitness

6 rounds:
25 Ring rows
50ft walking lunge hugging medball
25 DB arnold presses
50ft walking lunge hugging medball

Try, try, try again

This is about as political as we will get. According to Donald Trump jr. he has a very fast Murph time

This is a very good back and hip warmup if you ever want to try it

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