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Time for some new jeans


Time for some new jeans


Congrats to Kandi for finishing her “online regional”. Currently she is 47th in the world for her age group!!!Great job!!!

Wednesday 4/23/14
0-20 min
3 rounds for time:
7 Muscle ups
30 Wallball shots
20-35 min:
for time
Run 800m
40 Alt arm DB snatch
30 Burpees
35-45 min:
For time:
50 Handstand pushups
*5 box jumps (30/24) every time you come off the wall

**This is 3 workouts seperated into different time chunks. If you are not finished by the designated time cap then stop and begin the next section. Yes this has a possibility of being 45 min long, please be ready to go on time

The 11 most nutrient dense foods in the world . I heard #9 makes you elite!

Why has this taken so long?!?!?!?! Barbell denim: jeans built to fit big, muscly legs 

We were talking about the first CrossFit games today so I thought I would put up a video . Things a little different? 


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