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Throw bows!


Throw bows!

Paityn showing off her strongman skills with some sweet atlas stone lifts! Watchout crossfit games!

Thursday 12/13/12
4 rounds:
Run 800m
Rest 3 min between runs
*20 Burpee penalty everytime you are +or- 10 seconds from your first run
AMRAP 6 min:
10 Lateral hurdle jumps (24/20)
10 Hand release pushups

Ask coach: If you get a burpee penalty you must do those burpees at the beginning of the 6 min before starting the jumps and pushups

No thank you……Snow and ice make China Mount Hua especially dangerous

Battling brittle bones with broccoli and spinach?

If the world gives you lemons…headbutt them!

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