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Thomas Jefferson invented them


Thomas Jefferson invented them

CFD at the Bishop Ranch health and wellness fair! Notice anyone in the background?!

EMOM 8 min:
1 min: Max l-sit hold
1 min: 3 Jefferson curls

In teams of 2:
AMRAP 30 min:
100/75 Cal row (partner holds handstand)
30 Muscle ups
100/75 Cal bike (partner holds double KB front rack)
90 Reverse lunges (53/35) each hand, front rack

General fitness

1 min: Max L-hang
1 min: 3 jefferson curls

In teams of 2:
Amrap 30 min:
100/75 cal row (partner holds DB overhead)
100 Ring rows
100/75 cal bike (Partner holds DB in farmers carry)
100 Reverse lunges hugging med ball

Inconsistent on the rings? 

Man ruins family vacation by constantly attempting handstand photos 

This workout sucked 

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