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This is golds gym not a baby gym


This is golds gym not a baby gym


How did everyone enjoy those sled pulls on Saturday???

Thursday 1/23/14
3 rounds:
20 Band aparts
10 Bend over Ys (no more than 10#)
10 PVC pass through
5 rounds:
5 Strict weighted dips
8 Strict dumbbell press
For total reps of each exercise
Tabata for each exercise:
Handstand pushups
Toes to bar
Row for calories
DB man makers (40/30)
*No break between exercises
**tabata is 20 seconds on 10 seconds offx8

CFD headbands. Get em now! We need at lest 12 to complete the order!

How I stopped procrastinating. Ill read this one tomorrow…

How long to nap for the biggest brain benefits 

Every single second of this is greatness

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