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The worlds most dangerous workout


The worlds most dangerous workout


Do we squat???????

Tuesday 2/18/14

With a partner:
KB taters (53/35)
Hang clean (from mid thigh)
Heavy set of 3
3@95 3@90%
Alternating min for 12 min:
1 min:
10 Thrusters (100/65)
1 min:
4/2 Muscle ups
*If you know 10 and 5/3 wil be a cake walk then try 12 and 6. Have a back up plan especailly on the muscle ups as this on could get ugly real quick…
As worlds kids get fatter, doctors turn to knife

The worlds most dangerous workout?. Remember theres a 99.999999% chance you will get rhabdo and die doing CrossFit…

An oldie but a goodie. Hang clean like Shankle 


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