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The open is dark and full of terrors


The open is dark and full of terrors


Happens every. single. time. Just leave some in your car.

Wendesday 3/9/16

3×1 min max reps GHD situps
*While waiting your turn complete 10 rope climbs w/ focus on being on the rope a little as possible. That means a high start and a fast decent down the rope
AMRAP 15 min:
Box jump step down (24/20)
Alt arm DB snatch (65/40)
*3 muscle ups or 9 ring dips after each round.
**PLEASE be careful when doing box jumps. Pull your knees up!

Rocky Balboa wins $45 million lawsuit against CrossFit 

Ben Smith and Kara Webb win 16.2. Want to feel bad about your 16.2 performance?? Watch these guys do it….

This is totally health and fitness related!!!! 

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