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The best investment you will ever make


The best investment you will ever make


Could this be a hint for battle for bragging rights? Maybe, maybe not

Thursday 1/7/15
4 rounds:
10 GHD situps
1 min weighted plank hold (45/25)
*Just like last week. If you are new to these do not do more than what is written. If you do these on a regular basis you may up the reps to 20
4 rounds for time:
Run 400m
12 Alt arm DB snatch (65/45)
3 Rope climbs

Avoid these pushup mistakes to protect your wrists . True dat 

The best investments you will ever make 

Join a gym that wants you to put ZERO value into it and doesn’t want you to show up, just pay them $10 a month x 100000000000 members. Join CrossFit Danville where we actually care about your fitness, know your name, give you shit when you don’t come, remember all your PRs, know your pets names, your  shoes size, and your mothers maiden name…..which sounds like a better place to go to? 

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