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Thats very complex


Thats very complex

1209013_669521559725372_1650108892_nGetting ready to no rep some elite worker outers!

Tuesday 10/8/13
No more than 3 attempts to establish a max for the following complex:
3 position clean (hi hang-hang from knee-floor)
Push press
3 position clean
Push jerk
3 position clean
Split jerk
For time and reps:
800m farmers carry (106/70)
AMRAP 5 min:
3 position clean to overhead @ 80% of above

Ask coach: For the metcon, take off for a 800m ‘run’ with a db or kb in EACH hand. Immediately upon returning perform max 3 position cleans to overhead in 5 min.

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Great watch!

This is the complex that we will be doing 

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