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“That guy” won


“That guy” won


Team mom knows how to have a good time and get after it at the same time

Thursday 12/5/13 3 rounds:
5 attempts at max WATTS on the concept 2
5-10 Perfect ring pushups with extension at top (feet even with rings)
Max strict pullup
5 DB single arm press (5 per arm w/heaviest possible)
Against a 14 min clock:
6 rounds:
10 Shoulder to overhead (155/105)
40 Double unders
then max reps
Muscle ups
*Sub for DUs today is 15 DU attempts per round. No singles

So it looks like there was enough of “that guy” and we can run some more sweatshirts. IF YOU MISSED OUT CLICK ON THIS LINK RIGHT HERE YES CLICK ON THE WORDS YOU ARE READING. We need at least 10 so sign up if you want one. If you miss out on this one I will forever call you “that guy”. Please tell your friends that dont check the website or the facebook or the events board at the gym….

Holiday party is coming up on the 21st. Its going to be a blast! Dont forget to sign up for the secret santa!

A list of reasons why our brains love lists

The “secret menu” at McDonals…I dont think I want to eat at a place that has something called “the McGangBang”

First off, I feel like I want to make fun of this guy for some reason. Second, there are a million of these videos on youtube and throughout my years in the CrossFit worlds I have found that watching these how to videos/seminars have little help in people figuring out double unders. What I have found to work is people FORCING themselves to do double unders endlessly until something finally clicks. Seen it a million times, Joe and I can say quick wrists and arms in and all that but you have to put in the work to get double unders, lots of work. As I like to say “no one gets better at double unders by doing singles”. Now enjoy this guys foot kick, robot arms, and arm flick to show off the guns

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