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Thanks for spamming us!


Thanks for spamming us!


You love double unders don’t you?

Thursday 10/24/14
EMOM 9 min:
1 min:Row/airdyne hard pace
1 min: 30 sec L-sit
1 min: 2 Wall climbs
for quality:
8 Turkish getups (4l/4r)(53/35)
16 KB windmill (8l/8R)
100′ Double overhead KB lunges
16 KB windmill (8l/8r)
8 Turkish getups
In teams of 2:
AMRAP 8 min:
10 DB hang squat clean thrusters (30/20)
Max reps double unders
Rest 2 min:
AMRAP 8 min:
10 DB burpee box overs (20″)(30/20)
20 Ring dips
*For part 1. Partner A does 10 hang squat clean thrusters while B is completing max double unders. Once B starts his thrusters A can now complete as many double unders possible and so on for 8 min. Scored on rounds of thrusters completed and total #of double unders

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Are you going to San Jose and watch the invitational??? Yes you can cheer on team USA but whats really important is that Brian will be there working for team Rogue!!!

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