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Taping class!


Taping class!

Ill take the Neal special

Saturday 11/10/12
4 rounds for time:
8 Deadlifts (250/175)
10 Burpees
3 Rope climbs
Run 600m

Comp class tomorrow at 11am. If you are signed up for any upcoming competitions it would probably be a good idea to start come to the comp class and throwdown with some other resident bad asses!

Whats a tabata?????

Who would win in a fight? Modern human or neanderthal?

Sweet gloves

Our buddy Devin from Waterman chiropractics agreed to put on a taping class for us. Saturday Dec. 1st at noon Devin will teach a class on how to correctly apply rock tape that so many of us use. Everything from those nagging shoulders to backs to knees. He will even go over what muscles you should tape in preparation for certain movement patterns that you will be doing like pullups, snatches, or muscle ups. Joe and I have been visiting Devin for our aches and pains and we love the results, he really knows his stuff. Check him out if you are hurting! The class will be $25 and will include some sweet rock tape. If you are interested or have any questions please let us know, this should be a pretty awesome class!

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