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TAC and CrossFit kids


TAC and CrossFit kids


Who’s excited for the weekend??
Friday 5/27/16
Shoulder touches
AMRAP 12 min:
2 L-pullups
4 Strict toes to bar
6 Parallette shoot throughs
In teams of 2:
AMRAP 20 min:
2 Muscle ups
4 Power cleans (155/105)
8 Wallballs (20/14)
*Partner A does 2 muscle ups, B does 2 muscle ups, A does 4 power cleans, B does 4 power cleans, A does 8 wallballs, B does 8 wallballs. Thats 1 round

Memorial day is coming up this Monday. We will be offering only 1 class at 9:30am. We will also be holding bootcamp at 7:30at a discounted drop in rate of 10 bucks if you are wanting to check that out. Yes we will be doing Murph on memorial day 

Teen Athletic Conditioning and CrossFit kids are starting again June 6th just in time for summer. Time to get them buff for the summer

Summer comps are coming up. Need a to work on those extra skills? 

4 people you need to succeed in CrossFit 

This dude should win every event. If you have instagram please go look at his page

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