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Thursday 11/15/12
3 rounds of:
8 Kb windmill (8 per arm)
10 Good mornings
5 rounds for total time:
Run 200m
25 KB swings (70/53)
Rest 2 min

Coaches corner: Part 1 is not timed. Take 30-60 seconds break between exercises. For the windmill use a heavier weight then you did last time, for the good mornings use a weight that allows you back to stay straight the while time. Goal for part 2 is to get each round under 2 min and unbroken on the KB swings

FYI we will be running 1 class on Thanksgiving day at 9:30am! Also there will be no yobility on Wednesday or Friday of nexr week but we will have it on Sunday 25th at 10:30am. Stay tuned we will have details on the holiday party in the next couple day!!!

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