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SUPER early post


SUPER early post


Kent is so buff that he can hold the gym floor over his head!!!

Thursday 10/2/14

Spend 15 min working on kipping hanstand pushups and muscle ups
*If you are proficient at both then go for 2 large sets of each 20/10+
Front squat
Establish a 3rm w/3 sec pause on each rep
“Ginger snapped”
For time:
Hang power clean (115/75)
Shoulder to overhead
Overhead squat
Toes to bar
*This is Courtneys creation
*20 min time limit

No one has ever liked candy corn. 40 halloween candies from nastiest to raddest. 

Why you should vary your squat stance 

Too soon? Seriously, the Royals?!?!

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