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Probably the greatest day in Sadies young life!

Probably the greatest day in Sadies young life!

Friday 6/14/13
Front squat
5@80 3@85 3@90 2×2@95%
In teams of 2:
For time:
Relay style:
10 Muscle ups or 20 Parallette shoot throughs
30 KB push press (53/35)(each arm) DBs (60/40)
10 Wall climbs
30 Wallball shots (20/14)
400m run
200m run
100m run

Ask coach: For the partner wod it is run relay style partner A does 10 muscle ups then B does 10 muscle ups, A does 30 push press then B does 30 push press….

We’ll be hosting another kinesio taping seminar on June 26th with Dr. Devin Waterman from Waterman Chiropractic Center starting at 7:30pm here CrossFit Danville. Follow the link to register for the class. $30 includes a roll of Rock Tape and instruction. Limit 20 people to the class. 

Meet the girls

#stopcrossfit Haha good stuff

This is awesome!!!!!!

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